Know what your clients think!

Our high end, state of the art customer service survey platform keeps you informed of all that is going on in your business, whether you are the owner of a big chain of restaurants or hotels, or a small business with many clients.   


Connect with your clients easily & globally

The principle is to keep things simple & easy to use at a touch of a finger on the one hand - for your clients comfort, and have a sophisticated online statistics analysis on the other hand, for best managing of your business.
Our system offers your clients a survey at a language of their choice. The gathered information will be brought to you however - in English, making it simple for you to connect with your customers abroad.  
Clients can also scan a QR code that loads your questions on any mobile device with internet connection, so they can answer your feedback at their convenient time and place. 




So how does it work?

In a few simple steps you can get instant feedback directly from your clients:
1. Manage the questions you want to display to your clients: select from a bank of prepared questions or create your own unique ones. 

2. Get immediate feedback in a clear graphical view at our statistics page or at a customized display specially crafted for you. 

3. Get email alerts about pre-defined words that were received in feedbacks or if answers reached a certain percentage.

See some examples


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We are experts in customizing our product to your needs and the needs of your business. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with better managing of your business :)